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FOOTBALL: 2023 Greater South Shore All-Conference Selections

This conference seems to be getting more talented by the year, especially thanks to these players!

Bishop Noll Warriors

Kyle Cipowski – 1st Team

Julian Ramirez – 1st Team

Elijah Boone – Honorable Mention

Darius Anthony – Honorable Mention

Boone Grove Wolves

Mark Rowland – 1st Team

Tyler Torbeson – 1st Team

Corey Noonan – 1st Team

Hunter Anthony – 1st Team

Chris Gonzalez – 1st Team

Hunter Noonan – Honorable Mention

Khalid Alzeer – Honorable Mention

Josh Oglesby – Honorable Mention

Johnny Bobos – Honorable Mention

Calumet Warriors

Jeremiah Henderson – 1st Team

Javon Lawrence – 1st Team

Alex Ponce – 1st Team

Derrick Santiago – Honorable Mention

Amarion Chandler-Terrell – Honorable Mention

Darren Haygood – Honorable Mention

Griffith Panthers

Jaxon Lawson – 1st Team

Nolan Davenport – 1st Team

Dean Ellis – Honorable Mention

Rosalio Cortez Jr. – Honorable Mention

Lake Station Eagles

Brian Washington – 1st Team

Dalton Tremble – 1st Team

Aaron Padilla – Honorable Mention

D’Andre Wilson – Honorable Mention

River Forest Ingots

Ayden Silver – 1st Team

De’Aris Beason – 1st Team

Kaleb Short – 1st Team

Jerimiah Stansil – 1st Team

Royce Thompson – Honorable Mention

Aureliano Arana – Honorable Mention

Carlos Villagomez – Honorable Mention

South Central Satelites

Zack Hanchar – 1st Team

Cole Nealon – 1st Team

Aaron Hogan – 1st Team

Kevin Higlii – Honorable Mention

Tyler Carr – Honorable Mention

Brayden Lautenbach – Honorable Mention

West Side Cougars

Omarion Youghbor – 1st Team

Guiseppe Moore – 1st Team

Raynell Body – 1st Team

Marcell Dixon – 1st Team

Jermiya Sims – Honorable Mention

LaDarrion Newell – Honorable Mention

Kiowa Burrell – Honorable Mention

Wheeler Bearcats

Bryce Compton – 1st Team

Caleb Klimczak – 1st Team

Xavier Haralovich – 1st Team

Jackson Smith – 1st Team

Jayden Ortiz – 1st Team

Tyne Vettickal – Honorable Mention

Mitch Krolikowski – Honorable Mention

Brayden Olsen – Honorable Mention

 Jaylen Bergeson – Honorable Mention

Nick Testa – GSSC Coach Of The Year

Whiting Oilers

Nick Davenport – 1st Team

Gabe Eggers – 1st Team

Servando Garza – Honorable Mention

Joseph Quiroz – Honorable Mention

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