• 1945 – No players are elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • 1957 – Baseball commissioner Ford Frick rules that actor/singer Bing Crosby can keep a token piece of stock in the Detroit Tigers, even though he is part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  • 1980 – Bruins rookie goalie Jim Stewart allows three goals in the first four minutes of a game and five goals in the first period. He’d never play again in the NHL.

  • 1982 – 49ers receiver Dwight Clark makes a fingertip touchdown catch on a pass from Joe Montana with 58 seconds left to give SF a 28-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship. It’s known simply as “The Catch”.

  • 1982 – The Bengals defeated the Chargers 27-7 in the AFC Championship game. Temperatures during the game reached -9 with a wind chill of -35.


  • 1984 – Luis Aparicio, Harmon Killebrew & Don Drysdale are elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • 1986 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scores his 34,000th career point – the first player in NBA history to reach that mark.

  • 1990 – The NCAA approves random drug testing for college football players.

  • 1996 – The Miami Dolphins hire Jimmy Johnson as their head coach.

  • 2011 – Lionel Messi wins the first ever FIFA Ballon d’Or for being the best soccer player during the 2010 season.


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