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Semi-State Finals Recap Video – Andrean vs. Bishop Luers

Here is the video recap of the 2014 Semi-State Finals Recap Video of Andrean vs. Bishop Luers that took place November 22, 2014. This might be some other text that would go into this lead paragraph that may make people really get hyped about the video they are about to see, only at the Region Sports Network.

After the video there may be some other text here that describes the video above. Fitting in as many keywords as possible will be helpful for future Search Engine Optimization. It would be great to include the city names of the schools where they are located. Include the names of key players in these following paragraphs, important other keywords from this season, really anything that can make this video easier to be found when anyone does a Google search.

The goal here is to obviously deliver the video content, but if you can include as much of a description in these following paragraphs being as descriptive as possible, it will help you in the long run. We want people to find this video clip for years to come and want to watch it. We also want them to watch it here at because we need the advertiser impressions to be huge so that advertisers want to have their ads here.

This means rethinking strategies for how YouTube is used. It may diminish in some sense because there is little revenue generation potential for putting top quality video in the space on YouTube. With this new video hosting solution, we can control access and setup the future for potential new revenue generation models, but we need to get used to the system.

This is a good first step.


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