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FOOTBALL: Region Football Recruits

Collegiate scouts from all over the state of Indiana and the country have taken notice of the great football played in the Region. With over 30 players continuing their gridiron careers at the next level, the Region will be well represented in the collegiate game. Below are just a handful of the great Region football players that will be playing college ball next season:


Alex Beierwalter               Scott Rastovic

      Alex Beierwalter- Chesterton                                     Scott Rastovic- Valparaiso
     -Eastern Michigan University                                       -University of St. Francis


Sam Gonzalez              Kurt Wermers

             Sam Gonzalez- Portage                                          Kurt Wermers- Crown Point
               -St. Joseph's College                                                 -University of Michigan


Roosevelt Williams                 Brock Vale

     Roosevelt Williams- Merrillville                                        Brock Vale- Whiting
            -St. Joseph's College                                                  -Valparaiso University


Albert Evans             Jeff Barker

          Albert Evans- Portage                                                  Jeff Barker- Lowell
                 -Purdue University                                                    -Ball State University


Nick Williams                Grant Cartwright

              Nick Williams- Lake Central                                Grant Cartwright- Chesterton
               -Indiana State University                                   -Central Michigan University


Cody Blue           Mitch LeRock

            Cody Blue- Crown Point                                                 Mitch LaRock- Munster
                  -St. Joseph's College
                                        -St. Joseph's College


Alex Sarkisian          Ronneal Williams

       Alex Sarkisian- Valparaiso                                             Ronneal Williams- Merrillville
                      -Harvard                                                                       -St. Joseph's College


Stefan Peck          Dan Manick

             Stefan Peck- Lowell                                                       Dan Manick- Lake Central
                      -Marian College                                                             -Ball State University


Jeremy DeRolf         Geno Wentworth

              Jeremy DeRolf- Morton                                              Geno Wentworth- Lowell
                    -St. Joseph's College                                                        -Franklin College


Mark VanDenburgh         John Stepanian

       Mark VanDenburgh- Chesterton                                        John Stepanian- Lake Central
             Eastern Michigan University                                             – University of St. Francis


David Woosley         Alex Brajack

           David Woosley- Crown Point                                               Alex Brajack- Munster
                -St. Joseph's College                                                       – Ferris State University


Tony Morang          Zach Cecich

         Tony Morang- Lake Central                                            Zach Cecich- Crown Point
             -Indiana State University                                               -Saginaw Valley State


Also Committing to Play in College:
East Chicago's Kawaan Short- Purdue
Chesterton's Sam Jaeger- Western Michigan
West Side's DeMark Jenkins- Bowling Green
Valparaiso's Mike Wendahl- University of Indianapolis



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