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Region Sports Network to Videotape High School Football

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HIGHLAND, IN – The Region Sports Network (RSN) of Indiana today announced an exciting new venture. The Highland based sports media company has signed a contract with Professional Video Services, Inc. to videotape a minimum of 22 regular season high school football radio broadcasts in their entirety.     

The video footage – complete with radio play-by-play – will be edited and used for an upcoming cable highlight show, web highlights on the company’s website and a cablegame of the week telecast. Each game will also be made available for DVD purchase to the public.

Chris Ramirez, the company’s executive producer, is excited about the RSNs latest undertaking. “We’ve been experimenting with videotape for a couple of years and now we’re ready to go all out,” he said. “Baseball fans enjoyed it in the spring and we think football fans are going to as well.”

In addition to full length game tapings, the company will shoot highlights of other local games as well. “Our radio broadcasts are usually the marquee games and those will be the ones we videotape from start to finish, but each week there are several other games of interest to people in the Northwest Indiana, so we’ll do our best to provide highlights from as many games as possible,” Ramirez said.

Overall, Ramirez said the RSN expects to have videotape coverage of between 50 and 60 games by the end of the season.


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